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The First Electronic Television was Invented in 1927. The world’s first electronic television was created by a 21 year old inventor named Philo Taylor Farnsworth. That inventor lived in a house without electricity until he was age 14.

Between the 1950s and 2000s, television turned from a niche technology into a critical form of communication found in living rooms across the world. A vast number of changes and improvements took place in the second half of the 20th century to make the television into what it is today.

Having a TV channel was up until now the playground of the rich and famous governed by large corporations. Smartist Era TV changes this landscape forever. Having your own TV channel is the best thing you can do for your business or brand right now! We give you the high-ticket channel-creation service for your needs to broadcast your videos on Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV so Sit Back and Relax, Let us handle everything!

Please Call +61 477 500 437. Learn how to get access to an exclusive and existing audience of over 26 million potential US viewers, and Millions of worldwide viewers with your own TV Channel on Smartist Era TV. Get the Exposure you want and deserve! Get Prestige, Authority and Fame! Become The Next Household Name Brand!

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Channel Creation

We will create your channel, upload it to Roku TV, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. Depending on your contract and growth plans.

Video Editing

We can edit your video’s you provide for your channel. Add in captions and text to capture your viewers. This will be agreed upon during the set up.

Advanced Tech

We then upload your video’s to your channel using our unique software, creating all the added bits required for each platform.

Wide Range Of Contracts

Depending on your Business, Brand, Club or Society there is a tailor made contract to suit your needs.

NO matter how BIG or SMALL you are!